Getting Started?

Is this your first time at By Book or By Crook?  Are you just getting started with book dealing?  On this page, I have collated all of my posts dealing with beginners' issues for your convenience.

Start here: Getting Started

The Basic Skills
  1. Judging a Book's Value: Basic rules of thumb for judging new finds. 
  2. How to Classify a Book's Condition: What's the difference between "Very Good" and "Good"? 
  3. Tools of the Trade: From packing tape to rubbing alcohol, a list of all the tools you'll need  
  4. Book Hunting: How to find more books
Selling Online
  1. Packaging up your Books to win friends and influence buyers (Related: Wrapping your books when you run out of boxes) .
  2. Ebay or Amazon? That is the question.
  3. Textbooks and Bookscouter:  For unloading recent academic books.
Simple Accounting
  1. How to create a stock spreadsheet to help you keep track of what you have, where it is and what it's valued at.


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