Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Link: Book Blogs

I am pleased to announce a new addition to the link list: Book Blogs.  Based on the Ning platform, Book Blogs is a social network dedicated to people who write and write about books.  I signed up, as I have for a number of similar sites to promote this blog, not expecting much to come out of it.  To my pleasant surprise, I've found that the good folks on Book Blogs are very welcoming: they've sent me messages, visited this blog and invited me to stop by theirs.  While the blogs tend to be more about writing and reviewing books, rather than selling used ones, if you're interested in books this is a central hub worth looking at.


  1. Thank you for comment on book blogs :) Yes, this site is amazing, isn't it?
    I followed you!

    Disincentive @ (read, watch, listen) - reviews

  2. Thanks for the comment Disincentive, hope to see you again soon.

  3. I've found that the Ning platform is prone to enormous spam attacks.

  4. Benjamin,
    Thanks for the comment. I don't have much experience with Ning, but so far Book Blogs has been pretty clear of spam.