Monday, July 16, 2012

Fantastic Frontispiece 2: Matthias Klostermayr (1772)

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This is the second of my series called "Fantastic Frontispiece" (here is a link to the 1st)  As I described in my discussion of the parts of a book, a frontispiece is a decorative image that is on the facing page from the title page.  These can be beautiful additions to high-quality books and are worth looking for in the books you purchase.

This frontispiece is from a 1772 German biography of the great outlaw and rebel Matthias Klostermayr.  In addition to the great detail on the frontispiece itself, I also admire the archaic script used in the title page, it is a German system called Blackletter or Fraktur which fell out of use in Germany in the mid-20th century.


  1. Awesome collection! You should keep them safe.


  2. Ruzzel- Thanks for your comment! I find these images online, so I don't, unfortunately, have the physical books.